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My real name is Heather, but most people here call me by chao or flaka and Im ok with it because I think of it as a cute name. My things are all about cute or emotional artworks and funny gags. I am hoping that maybe someday that I will be an animator or anything that has to do with cartoons. Watch me if your interested with my stuff and I would feel very spirited with this.

For now though, Im just here to enjoy myself by submitting artwork that would please the viewers! :iconfluttershyyayplz:

Shows: Spongebob,Chowder,Funniest home video,Phineas and Ferb, Fish Hooks, Regular Show, Doctor Who

Book: Warriors, Seekers,Harry Potter

Favorite characters: 1.Spongebob
2.Perry the platypus
6. Mr. Baldwin
7. Fluttershy
8. Benson
9. David Tennant ( The actor from Dr. Who)
10. Ice King/ Simon Petrikov

Like: drawing, writing stories, swimming and singing

dislike: Horror movies,Thunderstorms, and cats (A little bit.)

Friends: StarBlade99 and Mariofan130

See my old drawing here--->…

Favourite style of art: cartoon characters :)
Wallpaper of choice: Aqua?
Favourite cartoon character: too many to pick...
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  • Watching: Malificent
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Okay, before I review this, I just want to let you know just how much I really wanted to see this movie. I mean when you’re talking about Malificent about the great AND powerful Malificent. She is known one of the most famous Disney villains of all time and would always be till the end of time. So I was excited to just see how they would renew “sleeping beauty” from the 1950’s. I finally got a chance to watch the movie with my sister and here is my result from the movie:

I….did……not like it-wait! Wait! Before you unwatch me or comment mean things and shout out how I am so blind I did not see this as a great movie, let me just try to explain. The reason I did not like this movie was because of Malificent. Ok, her character is not terrible because Angelica is a bad actor. In fact, I think Angelica was AMAZING doing Malificent. She knows of being how it feel like to be Malificent and I just love how she does it. I…did not like character change in Malificent. I mean when I talk and the most famous Disney villain of all time, I’m talking about the PURE heartless Malificent. The one that no mercy and can turn to a awsome freakin dragon!

Here, she becomes more of regretful’ “motherly” figure for Aurora. I mean at the beginning of the movie, I just love how she become THE Malificent we all know I was just cheering for her like,
“Yeah, you go and do something really awful for the King! You go and put a curse on that baby!”
And it’s funny, because I’m not usually into villains that much, but I guess because I have known Malificent as the heartless awsome woman from my childhood. I mean, for example. The kiss scene. I SWEAR, I thought the true love kiss would work for the prince, because you just DONT mess with “the sleepy beauty”. Well when do you know, it doesn’t work. So….here goes the POWERFUL Malificent just suddenly being so sorry for the little girl before kissing her in the forehead-

Oh no…no no! If she actually wakes up from that I will-
*wakes ups*
“It’s true love kiss…”
Shut up, crow. You’re just making a ripoff Frozen reference….
I mean, I like the “true sisterly love” in Frozen since these two are two sisters that have loved each other since we were introduced to them. But when we were introduced to two characters that hate each other so much in the original movie since we were babies, it just doesn’t fit the scene with showing their “true love” for each other. It’s like you watching a fan made movie that a random huge Malificent fan did, but in an alternative way. 

I mean, it felt as if my face was steaming red from the scene trying to hold in my rant!

Okay…okay. Not a big deal. Atleast we can hopefully get a chance to see scene where Malificent turns into a freakin’ awsome dra-
*turns crow into a dragon.*
I’m done with this movie. They definitely ruined Malificent.

So yeah, this movie was awfully not what I expected it be. I mean yeah, I still have some postive thought about this movie. The only part that I liked about changing Malificent was her wings. Just the scene where she flies with them just makes me feel like I’m soaring with her and the movie just gets better whenever she uses them. The actors were also really talented, including how they chose Aurora. I mean, it’s the friendly and beautiful Aurora. What’s not to complain about her except for her supportive attitude towards Malificent. The prince was good, but it’s too bad he doesn’t make that appearances. The King…meh, I feel they could have done more than making him a villain.
But let me say that the fairies did an excellent job with their humorous performance, but their neglecting behaviors towards Aurora weren’t very impressive. 

The effects and animation were amazing. Especially some beautiful background where Aurora and Malificent hang around at. They even did an excellent style for the creatures. Heck as good as the creatures from the episode “the night” from Wander over Yonder.

The humors also made me giggle a lot and it’s just good to see a villain have atleast some humors with her as well as the crows and the fairies. It’s suppose to be a movie for kids, so you have to do something before some would complain about going home and falling asleep.

But yeah, I’m okay with how they reformed Discord in My Little Pony. I’m okay if Lord Hater in WOY will end up being good in the series finale. I can shake off a bit on how they made Darkheart an innocent real boy on Care Bears II. But you can never and I mean NEVER make the great and powerful Malificent into a protagonist! 

So that’s my review for Malificent and thanks for reading…

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